• We build a strong and friendly community through women
  • We do the right thing, even when no one is watching
  • We foster trust
  • We are fair and ethical in our dealings
  • We build relationships for the long term


  • We value openness and accountability as the baseline of working together in unity
  • We are honest about our performance
  • We give due consideration to the needs of our community
  • We are consciously aware of and appreciate the diverse experiences of our community group


  • We operate on trust and confidentiality to both our partners and clients.
  • We have high regard for the people in our community
  • We show esteem to ourselves and our colleagues


  • We are confident and very sure that no matter what happens, we shall achieve our goal
  • We innovate and lead in a changing world
  • We deliver quality services to our community
  • We build lasting relationships based on trust
  • We understand and respect our community's needs and perceptions
  • We prize innovation and emotional engagement

Service to Others

  • Driven with a heart of love and compassionate mindset, we serve the needy in our community.
  • Our business is to bring compassion, pride and self confidence to women in our community
  • We accept that mindfulness and thoughtfulness are expected of us
  • We practice patience and tolerance
  • We display a willingness to help others


  • We believe in Team work and partnership as the main tool of success towards our vision.
  • We work and achieve in teams
  • We foster trust and integrity in internal relationships
  • We consciously balance individual and group interests
  • We encourage camaraderie and a sense of enjoyment
  • We hold each other accountable

Environmental Responsibility

  • We commit to taking steps to do no harm to our environment
  • We undertake to meet the needs of today's generation without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same
  • We explore new ways to be resource efficient
  • We exploit every opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint

Educate a Woman and Feed a Nation.

Kindly support us in instilling life skills to women in our community to enable them to be self reliant and support their immediate families, in order to eleviate poverty.

Our Partners

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